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Why strawberry fields?: Because I wanted to make a Beatles reference The strawberries are used as the camp's mortal cover. They grow strawberries and ship them to the moral world. Dionysus was sentenced to the camp as punishment and since he wasn't allowed to grow wine grapes, he opted for strawberries instead.

The Big House: This is where the big meetings are held. The camp director will spend most of his/her time there. Pinnocle is a favorite game to play, and orientation videos are available for viewing. The attic holds trophies from past quests and was once the home of the Oracle of Delphi's vessel. The current Oracle may choose to live there.

The Amphitheatre: The Greeks love theater, and while at camp everyone is welcome to put on a play or use the space however they want. Just don't litter or the tree nymphs will go after you.

The Pavilion: Also known as the Mess Hall. An open area with stone tables where the campers dine. All campers are expected to sit only with their cabin mates. (Think House tables at Hogwarts) At the center of the pavilion is an open fire pit where campers can offer a portion of their meal to the gods.

The Arena: Where all of your combat lessons are given. Straw dummies are provided for practice.

The Armory: Where all weapons and armor are kept. Demigods are expected to learn how to make these items as well as use them in battle. When not in use, the armory is put under lock and key. The security guard is the only one who can get into the armory. Bribery, anyone?

The Stables: This place houses the camp's horses and pegasi. Your teacher will show you how to take care of these magnificent creatures and use them in battle. You can also train them to help you in the chariot race. Children of Poseidon will find it very easy to communicate with them. Unfair advantage but hey, they can't help their dad being the Father of Horses.

The Pine Tree/Golden Fleece: The giant pine tree acts as a border for the camp. In its branches hangs the Golden Fleece, a powerful ward against unwanted monsters. The guardian of the fleece has the important task of keeping it safe so the border remains protected. There's a really great story about this pine tree that your teachers may share with you.

The Cave: A place set apart by Apollo for his Oracle to dwell. Anyone seeking a quest must visit the Oracle to receive a prophecy. Or you can just drop by to make sure the Oracle isn't feeling lonely. It really sucks living in a cave.

Constellations: Will reflect the constellations seen on a usual summer night on Long Island Sound. However, people from Earth will notice a new constellation that looks like a girl running across the sky. This is The Huntress and it has a really good story behind it. All constellations do around here.


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